When I needed a parole lawyer, my attorney said to me: “Gary Cohen is the best in Texas”. And he was right. Gary Cohen was instrumental in obtaining parole for our beloved brother. He has a very sharp understanding of the complexities of the Texas parole system and was able to leverage his wealth of experience and professional connections to deliver a positive result for our brother. In addition, Gary was highly supportive, courteous and understanding to us as he led us through the complicated and lengthy parole process. We would not hesitate to recommend Gary. Thank you again Gary!

Jorge R., October 2020

Gary Cohen impressed me as an attorney by being professional and just caring. I found out early by research & reviews that he was considered one of the best parole attorneys in Texas & he didn’t disappoint! From day 1, I knew I was in capable hands! The parole packet he & his team prepared was incredible, written by caring & empathetic people. The detail, the photos, the way is was written was superb! There is no guarantee of outcome, of course, but I can assure you he & his team will do everything in their power to represent you or your loved one at this crucial time. They are easy to talk to & easy to reach. In our case, my loved one received an FI-1, and we couldn’t be happier with Gary & staff!

David P., August 2020

I was denied parole for the 12th time in November 14, 2018. My wife and I had been married for 43 years at the time. After we both cried that day, I informed her that there was one attorney that I have heard of that might help us. That attorney was Gary Cohen.

My wife and daughter got in touch with Gary and immediately after, they both thought he would be the one to help me. They spoke to him in December of 2018, and he came to talk to me in February of 2019. At that time I was very reluctant about getting another attorney, but as soon as I met Gary, I knew he was probably the most professional attorney I have ever met. He never pulled any punches at my interview with him and I never felt so comfortable talking and telling him my story.

At that time I did 15 years flat on a 30 year sentence for a white collar crime. It was my very first time arrested. For the first time in 15 years when he left that day, I felt that I was really going to go home. He met with my parole board member and on December 28, 2019, I was granted parole.

If there is anyone who reads this testimonial and is trying to make their mind up on Gary Cohen, let me make it easy for you: he was well worth the fee. Not only is Gary a friend, he is one of the finest people I have ever known. That was always my thought, parole or not.

Timothy B., July 2020

Mr. Cohen, Thank you so much for being instrumental in helping me gain my freedom. I could hot have had a person to better represent me than you. I have seen you work magic more than a few times when the odds of a favorable outcome were clearly not in favor. Your results have never let me down!!

There are some cheaper attorneys out there, but the service, the work, the research, and the results do not compare to that of you and your firm. When I retained you, you were there at the unit the very next week to explain the whole parole review process and your methodology that you would use with the parole board. You were always very straightforward, honest, and had my very best interests from the beginning. Any time you were at the unit, you would call me out as a courtesy to see how things were going, or to see if I had any questions.

As you know, I had a 3G offense under the half law and I was given an FI on my first review. My parents, who were at the parole hearing, said you did a stellar job representing me: you did not neglect the negatives, but had a rebuttle using the positives and highlighted the person who I became. What was remarkable was that I had a posted parole answer the very next day after the parole hearing!! That is almost unheard of and means one thing: the board was convinced that I deserved a second chance.

Mr. Cohen, I cannot thank you enough. My last living grandmother, who had Alzheimer’s, visited regularly. She had one last wish before she passed, and that was to see me home. I can remember her tell me at her final visit “Brad, hurry home, I don’t have much time left and I need to see you make it out of that place.” Grandma got the last wish she had in life, and I was able to spend six months with her before she passed. I was able to have Christmas with the family, go fishing with Dad, and cherish life again. I am now working in a management position and am a positive contributing member of society. Thanks, Mr. Cohen, for a second chance!!

Brad R., March 2020

We hired Gary Cohen to work with us in obtaining parole for our daughter. He and his staff are very professional, knowledgeable, and yet personable. Mr. Cohen is a no-nonsense lawyer, getting straight down to the facts of our daughter’s case. He was available to answer questions we might have, and told us the basics of what to expect, making us feel comfortable when it came time to appear before the parole board. His calm and confident demeaner made us feel secure in his abilities to represent our daughter effectively. Our daughter did make first parole, and we can truly say we recommend Gary Cohen highly.

Diana H., March 2020

After spending 12 years in TDCJ on a 30-year aggravated sentence, I decided to look for a parole attorney. During my diligent research, I was given many names accompanied with formidable reputations with great results. When my loved ones asked the top Dallas litigator who the best parole attorney in Texas was, the answer was clear: GARY COHEN. My search was over.

At the time, I had to do 15 years on an aggravated sentence to see parole for the first time and figured I might as well get my ducks in a row. It is a long shot to make parole in Texas in the best of circumstances, with 30 years, it was a prayer. GARY worked tirelessly with my loved ones to ensure we had everything in place to put the best case forward on my behalf. GARY visited me three different times and gave me a confidence in the the system that I had lost at my sentencing phase in the county court many years prior.

The miracle was how GARY got my loved ones a face-to-face meeting with the presiding parole official. Even as the six people chosen to speak were nervous as all get out, I was granted parole a month later.

I cannot stress enough the importance GARY COHEN played in facilitating all of this. If a loved one is in need of the best parole representation, GARY will not disappoint. I spent 16 years in the same 6×9 cages that so many are still residing in, and there is no price that can be put on the freedom that I’ve now experienced for two years…thanks to GARY COHEN.

Eric S., March 2020

Gary Cohen came highly recommended. He worked diligently to get to know the client and the family, and then to put a packet together that outlined exactly who the person was and why he should be paroled. We were ultimately approved for parole the same day the board reviewed the packet. From what I understand, this is not normal so we are very grateful for Gary’s assistance. I am using the term “we” because incarceration affects the entire family and the individual’s friends so when the offender has a success, the entire core support group shares in that success. If you are unsure of where to turn to for help, please call Gary Cohen. He has the demeanor, the reputation, the compassion and the ability to help you. He understands the system because this is all he does. I would recommend him to anyone that needs help.

Heidi B., March 2020

Throughout the entire nineteen years of my incarceration, I have repeatedly heard of the outstanding reputation Attorney Gary Cohen has concerning parole representation. When I finally came up for parole, my family and I researched and decided to retain Mr. Cohen. My main worry was that I wouldn’t be able to get my story across to the parole board. The facts surrounding my case are very difficult to give voice to. To give you an idea of my circumstances, I was charged with capital murder under the law of parties, but the charge was dropped to murder in a plea bargain agreement.

Mr. Cohen was very thorough in his investigation, not only of my case, but of who I was, and who I have come. Mr. Cohen went beyond my expectations and was exceptionally prepared with an oral, visual, and hard copy presentation for the lead voting parole commissioner and my family. He obtained interviews with the lead voter for him, my family, and for me. Now, I am at an FI-5 pre-release program, on my way home.

I recommend that you retain Mr. Cohen if you need to get your story across to the parole board.

Phillip T., March 2020

Great communication, responsiveness and service. He will get it done! He’s the best in his field. I highly recommend him.

Genevie T., March 2020

I would like to take this time to share my experience in researching and hiring Parole Attorney Gary Cohen. THE BEST! He has impeccable credentials while holding multiple awards. Gary is thorough through his explanations; he delivers his professional opinions and guidance in the best interests to his client. He is consistent, always on the front line, in the know of any ongoing or changing circumstances.

Gary stays accessible traveling the state to maintain personal service to his clients.

The warm and highly professional demeanor of his staff was always welcoming, always going above and beyond and reassuring through each step in the process.

We elected to implement the psychiatric evaluation for an additional cost; personally I believe it was well worth it. My love one had an aggravated offense, served fifteen years, is now eligible for Parole. Family was able to meet with the Parole Board; Gary led the process with an astounding presentation. And the best news fast forward, HE WAS GRANTED PAROLE!

If you want the BEST of the BEST, without hesitation hire Gary Cohen!

Thank you

Tambra A

We used Gary Cohen back in ’08. For us he was worth every penny. My husband was given 60 years on a murder charge. He had to do 15 before he came up for parole. It was his first time up and as everyone told me don’t expect too much. Most people were saying we would be lucky to get a 2 year set off. Even Gary said he would try his best but he thought a 2 year was what he could get. Well after talking it over with his family and mine we decided to hire him. He was costly it was 10,000 for his services and an addition 2,000 for a phsy evaluation (which was optional). Over all we spent 12,000 and the end result was worth it!! My husband was granted parole his first time up with an FI – 3R.

What I liked most about Gary is that he would set up the meeting with the parole board leader and the family (up to 3 people) so that we could talk to them in person. Most lawyers just try to set up a conference call with the parole board leader. Also Gary went to speak to my husband and spent a good 6-8 hours with him. In his packet he also brought up my husband’s case and did an overview based off his experience a criminal lawyer. In our case it helped as he pointed out to the parole board member (and in which the parole board member agreed) that it was a case of a young man getting too much time.

I know it is a lot of money but in our situation it was worth it. I know of some people who don’t use a lawyer at all and still they get paroled however for us I just felt better having a lawyer.


My name is Hank Smedley. I spent nearly 24 years incarcerated in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice for a violent offense committed when I was only 17.

I learned a lot about parole lawyers early on. Many people will say that you can make your own parole package and do the same thing. And in some instances that may very well be true. But sometimes, like in my case, you need someone who can get the parole people to look beyond that first page in the file. A generic parole package cannot get that done. Nor can a cookie cutter parole lawyer who will accept every case they can get and end up “representing” 4-500 client per year. There is no personal involvement beyond the initial acceptance and fee collection.

In my case, I hired Gary Cohen of The Cohen Law Firm. He was a hands on guy who had few enough clients to where I felt like I was important. He brought in a specialist to give me a psych evaluation, IQ test and the like and then incorporated the findings into my parole package. He kept me informed and abreast of each step of the process. I am not saying everyone NEEDS a psych evaluation. But Gary is cognizant of the needs of each individual case. I used to tell the guys down there that there would come a time when no parole lawyer except Gary Cohen would be able to get me out and that happened on July 31 of last year. I firmly believe that it was his representation that got the parole people to look past the crime at the man I had become and decide to give me my second chance at life.

Hank Smedley

I was sentenced to 20 yrs on a murder charge, and knew from the beginning that if I were ever to make parole, I would need the best parole lawyer around. So I paid close attention during my incarceration to who was being hired by other inmates, and to the results that these lawyers achieved for their clients. It soon became apparent that only one parole lawyer was consistently getting his clients released, and that was Gary Cohen, out of Austin, and for my first parole hearing, Mr. Cohen was, without reservation, my choice.

His representation did not disappoint! He visited me at length, communicated with my family, and studied my records to become completely familiarized with the details of my case. He fully immersed himself into the process of my parole, contacting board members in advance to alert them to my upcoming hearing. I was never left uninformed of any progress, and I felt welcome to contact him as needed. He was organized and diligent, and at my hearing, he provided all the necessary information and stimulus that the board needed to justify my parole. I MADE MY FIRST PAROLE, ON A MURDER CHARGE, IN TEXAS! It’s almost unheard of, but Mr. Cohen was able to get this result for me.

There are lawyers out there who will squander you(r) money with form letters to the board, but Mr. Cohen is certainly not one of them. He customizes every presentation to the circumstances of that particular client, and he gets excellent results because of it. If you want to get out, and you are looking for a parole attorney, look no further. Gary Cohen is the one who will deliver.


My grandson at age 16 accepted a plea bargain of 25 years after an attorney took his money and ran. A good attorney should not have had any trouble convincing a jury that it was self defense and not murder. After serving 12-1/2 years, he had his first review for parole this year. He was represented by Gary Cohen (from Austin Tx) and was granted parole in September.

Mr. Cohen has done a superb job of representing him. He visited my grandson several times and was open and personable to myself and other family members. He had done an enormous amount of research into the case, and had a phenomenal presentation at the hearing with a parole board member. My daughter and I were allowed to speak at the hearing also and we saw that Mr. Cohen was professional, yet very down to earth. I am delighted to highly recommend Gary Cohen for anyone in a similar circumstance. His fee is pricy, but remember the old saying, “You get what you pay for”.


Gary Cohen is the best there is. There are none better. Even other parole attorneys will tell you that. I’ve had a lot of experiences with him and we call him The Miracle Man. I’ve personally seen him do things I honestly did not think was possible.

Spence Potter

My husband got a four year sentence, we were referred to Gary Cohen in Austin, when he came up for his first parole. Now I know money is always an issue for people. I was left raising three kids and running our small business. I did have to pay 10,000. But when it comes to my husband I didn’t have a price on his freedom.

Mr. Cohen’s people in his office are very nice, caring, understanding individuals. They always took time to return calls and emails. They never rushed me on the phone or made me feel stupid for some of the questions I might have. He traveled to meet my husband in west Texas which meant alot. Ultimately I was going to let my husband decide who was going to help bring him home. My husband was super impressed with the amount of time he took with him. I think that is why it cost what it did, some lawyers charge more and take less clients to focus on them and have more time to work on their cases. I know by experience in the past we had a lawyer that was super cheap but always had a overflow of clients. Which I don’t think he could of possibly given my husbands case the attention it needed.

Long story short we went to Amarillo for parole interview. Mr. Cohen was there, we went in and he did an excellent job presenting my husbands case. I thanked him afterwards, even without knowing the answer yet. I felt like he was our best shot. Two weeks later….. He made first Parole!! A huge blessing for my three children, and myself. God is Great! And I believe Mr Cohen is awesome.

Jen Alvarez

If you are considering a parole attorney, I would definitely look at hiring Mr. Gary Cohen.

My mother was sentenced to 15 years for first degree murder and has spent the last 7 1/2 years at Hobby Unit. Thanks to Mr. Cohen, she not only got approved by the Austin Board on her first parole attempt, but she received an FI-1.

I firmly believe you get what you pay for. Mr. Cohen drove to Hobby Unit to meet my mother and to conduct their consultation in person. He took time to listen to her case and secured all of her mental health records. My mother spoke very highly of him saying he was very easy to talk to, that he was patient, listened to what she was telling him, and made her feel completely at ease with the entire process.

He also escorted my brother and I to an interview with the lead voter of the Austin parole board (we were considered the living victims of her crime, so the in person interview in front of a voter from the board was a guarantee but he secured us a meeting w/ the lead voter). Mr. Cohen’s presentation to the lead voter (Mr. Fox) was phenomenal, and Mr. Cohen made sure to touch on every aspect of my mother that I would have mentioned had I been giving the presentation myself.

I cannot say enough good things about how well he represented my mother. I honestly thought best case scenario my mother would receive a one to two year set off, and with Mr. Cohen’s representation she not only got approved for release, but she received an FI-1.

If you’re looking at hiring a parole attorney you should give Mr. Cohen a call. He is absolutely worth every penny.